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Cordura© Stretch Extra hard-wearing nylon fabric with excellent stretch characteristics that ensures a good fit. The fabric is windproof, waterproof and breathable.

HESTRA Softshell 4-way stretch Durable and supple stretch fabric made of polyamide/spandex. It is wind and waterproof with excellent breathability properties.

Gore WINDSTOPPER© Softshell A windproof and water repellent stretch material with excellent breathability properties. Micron A wind- waterproof soft polyester with good breathability.

Neoprene© Textile-backed synthetic rubber that is weather resistant and has good thermal insulation properties even when wet.

Proton A durable nylon fabric that is wind and waterproof with excellent breathability properties.

Canvas Sturdy, close-weave, twin-shaft fabric made from twined polyester/cotton yarn.

Triton A hard-wearing nylon fabric that is wind and waterproof and has excellent breathability properties.

Ventile© 100% long-fibre cotton. This tightly woven, plain weave fabric has natural water and wind-resistant properties without coatings, membranes or fluorocarbons.


Merino wool The wool from merino sheep has a very fine fibre strucutre which gives soft and comfortable wool. We use merino wool for lining.

Bemberg Soft and cozy polyester lining.

Fleece A napped material that traps air, made of polyamide or polyester. Retains heat well, carries away moisture and dries out quickly.

Felted wool/Wool pile/Angora Wool keeps your hands warm, even when wet. Felting means that the wool has been washed with soapy water to make it especially warm and durable.

Polartec Power Dry/Power Stretch Thin, moisture-transporting lining with excellent breathability. Silk 100 percent silk.

Wool terry cloth A knitted material whose curly fibers and terry loops together can bind a large amount of air – up to 80%.


CZone™ A glove that is built up using four different layers, each layer having a specific function. Outer material, waterproof and breathable membrane, insulation and lining complement each other and together create a warm and pleasant comfort zone for your hands.

GORE-TEX© A thin PTFE membrane that behaves in the same way as human skin. It breathes, i.e. it releases excess heat and body moisture, while preventing the penetration of any moisture from outside. It is a wind and waterproof material.

OutDry© is a membrane used together with a technique to laminate the membrane with the outer material and the lining of the glove, thereby creating a feeling of one uniform layer. This results in a waterproof, yet breathable barrier without compromising the fit of the glove. We use OutDry for instance in our mountaineering gloves for ice climbing.


Eagle Grip© We shape or pre-curve the gloves so that they follow the natural curve of your hands, giving a closer, more comfortable grip.

Ergo Grip Construction where the glove is created with minimal excess material in the palm area and the seams are placed according to the hand's natural ergonomics. The result is a very close fit.

Leather welt The thumb seam is protected and reinforced with an extra, protective welt of leather. A design feature inherited from our very first work gloves.

Outseams Sewing technology that we use for several models. It provides excellent comfort for the fingers.

Piqué seam The sewing is performed when the material is wrapped around, providing an extra supple fit.

Snow lock Keeps snow on the outside and warmth on the inside.

Vertical Cut© A special design used in some of our Alpine Racing gloves for the best fit possible.

Ergo Grip is a patented design that makes it possible to sew gloves with different levels of pre-curved fingers for optimal grip. Ergo Grip provides a very close fit with minimum excess material.

Wolf Paw© A patented fingertip reinforcement that eliminates seams from surfaces that get the most wear and tear.


Fiberfill An insulating material made from polyester fiber.

Primaloft© A soft, down-like polyester that is both warm, breathable and water resistant.

Quallofill© Polyester fiber with four microscopic air channels in each fiber that provides better insulation properties.

Thermolite© Polyester-based thin and supple insulation. Retains its insulating properties even when wet.

Swisswool Swisswool is made from 88% wool from Swiss sheep . The other 12% is corn starch used to give the wool anti-felting properties.


Chamude© A durable micro fiber material.

PU Digital/PU Power Grip Soft but durable textured material made of polyurethane.

Nor Grip A pattern coating printed on the palm for a better grip.

3M Scotchlite© A reflective material from 3M.

Coating A coating on fabric that gives the material various properties depending on which coating you use. For example, water-repellency and breathability.

*Wax Finish *Fabric with a basic wax treatment, which gives water repellent properties while maintaining a good ventilation.